CP-2200 Standard Tagging GunCP-2200(1000x1000)-2CP-2200(1000x1000)-3CP-2200(1000x1000)-4CP-2200(1000x1000)-5Use Standard Tagging Needle
Tag Gun Series

CP-2200 Standard Tag Gun for cloth garment label packing standard series tag pins

CP-2200 Tag Gun and accessories CP-302 Needle , CP-201 Tag Pins  provide quick, convenient tagging of apparel and soft goods. Made with a simple, user-friendly design, so you don’t need to worry about complicated instructions or confusing operations. With its compact and comfortable grip, the tag gun is easy to use, no matter the size of your hands.

CP-2200 Tagging Gun

* Material :  Good quality ABS plastic, Sturdy ABS shell material for durable and long-lasting use

* Use needle – Standard Needle (Ø 18mm, Length 30mm
* Economical, smart and simple way to attach price tag on fabric

* Use to attach tags to all types of apparel and soft goods

* CP-2200 Tag Gun supports up to 100 pcs Fasteners at a time

* Manufactured with a proven internal mechanism