Impulse Sealer

Hand-type impulse sealer used for PP, PE, OPP, PVC plastic bags


ITEM : KF-100H, KF-200H, KF-300H, KF-400H, KF-520H (2.6M / M), (5M / M)

Product description
Hand pressure type sealing machine can be used for PP, PE, OPP, PVC plastic bags, styrofoam material heat-sealable bags bags
For home, shops, factories, easy to use, most economical sealing equipment
Electronic time controller, instantaneous thermal sealing fast, convenient and secure power
Lightweight structure, does not occupy space
Hotline also replaced the circle line (cut line), you can cut off the excess after sealing the bag part
5M / M is applicable to the double aluminum foil bags
Certification Specification
ETL (US and Canada)
CE v.s. EMC (EU)
CE v.s. LVD (EU)

model source  (v) power (w) max seal length (m/m) machine size LxWxH(m/m) Weight (Kg)
KF-100H 100-240 160 100 220x80x200 1.7
KF-200H 260 200 310x80x210 2.5
KF-300H 380 300 460x80x220 4.4
KF-400H 600 400 550x80x270 4.7
KF-520H 730 520 670x80x300 5.9